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Hi all. In the recent days i have been browsing the manufacture sites for a laptop that will best suit my needs. Unfortunately i could not find the laptop of my dreams :)
I read in an article about the barebone laptop systems. Since i didn`t manage to find any sites where i can view the price of separate components and chasis i am asking you to help me in this search :)

If you post here some links to a pricelist for notebook components (i saw one for CPUs but nothing more. i need GPUs also) and for chasis where i can put them in, i will be grateful.
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  1. Well, when you buy a barebone laptop, you already get the motherboard, the chasis and the GPU. You only have to purchase the CPU, RAM, and HDD. You can find all of those parts from sites like or

    Sites like Xotic pc allow you to purchase barebone systems. Xotic's site as of right now doesn't seem to be working...
  2. has barebone clevo and asus rigs. But realistically, you won't save any money over finding a custom laptop builder and having them price it out with the components you want... plus you'll get a warranty and tech support.
    I know Killernotebooks can put together oddball stuff not listed on their site... like a Quadro card instead of a GeForce, etc. So you might just ask.

    You also might wait a bit if you can; new rigs are hitting the streets and being officially announced (like the NVidia 8700M gpu announced today). Basically, the timing right now is bad. They've put out the first round of SantaRosa rigs, but the higher end stuff won't be out for a few weeks. That basically means older rigs are faster right now, but not up to the latest tech like the newer/slower DX10 gpu's.

    Good luck in your hunt
  3. The other issue you will run into is that we are going into a new product cycle with Santa Rosa.

    Good in a way because if you can find a dealer with an old chassis they may give you a deal on it...

    Bad, most likely in that none of the larger, possibly more reputable dealers are going to get caught with inventories of older machines. For example, I can not even get current gen chassis of most of the machines right now because the distributors stopped ordering them a while ago.
    Since most of the "notebook manufacturers" out there are really just middle men they won't be able to get them at all.
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