Logitech Z-640 vs. Altec VS3151

One more time for us newbies. Have Audigy2 ZS sound card and narrowed (maybe?) speakers to the above two. Want good sound for music and games, but don't really use/need extreme loudness. Any experience with either?
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  1. Between those 2 I think I'd have to go with the Altec Lansings. They have slightly less power but the sound quality should be very good. Logitech speakers have come a long way but I don't think I would buy that peticular model. If you go for logitech I'd get the Logitech Z-5300e.

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  2. Have them side by side and I think you are right (but I have 30 days to decide). Seems like Logitechs are good on bass and lower notes but not so great in mid-to-high. Altec on the other hand have less bass (and power). I think I can overcome that problem using the sound card's graphic equalizer.
  3. depends on your price range, but check out the Logitech X-530s...they pretty much take the place of the Z-640 as Logitech's value 5.1 speakers. they put out crisp highs, good lows, mids are just above average but in no way affect the listening experience. probably addresses your issue with the Z-640s mid-highs. im in love with mine.
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