How to fix Distorted Icons Display

I just bought a laptop with Windows 7. After 3 days of use the icons are distorted and white (not in color). How could that happen and how can it be fixed?
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  1. That could have happened from: bad display (screen), virus, corrupted graphics drivers, or most likely bad video memory or the GPU itself.

    Connect your laptop to an external display through the appropriate port and observe if the same thing happens. If it does, then at least you have eliminated the screen issue.

    Is it only the icons that appear wrong or graphics etc in general?
  2. If it's only the icons then your screen is fine. It's probably a software glitch.

    If there are two sticks of RAM that will help troubleshoot:
    a) Turn OFF
    b) Remove one stick
    c) Turn ON
    d) look for errors

    There's very little you can check yourself. It sounds like an error you should be bringing your laptop back for.

    Quick check to eliminate software:
    Get any copy of a bootable Linux. Ubuntu LIVE is the easiest. Boot from the DVD to Ubuntu and just look around. No errors? It's likely Windows which would need a reinstallation.

    I think there's a strong chance of faulty graphics hardware though.
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