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Looking for a laptop with a decent graphics card in it for under 2k, preferably under 1500$. SOmething with MXM card slot. Preferably something that will support the 8800M when it comes out. AFAIK the 8800M is up in the air and no one knows what type it will be. I've gathered most ppl assume its going to be type III. So I guess that would be a requirement of the laptop.

Any thoughts? pricing is not that constrictive. i'm probably looking at financing the laptop. I think preferably as for a video card, i'd like a 7900 or 7950gtx. the 8600m's don't enthuse me that much with performance numbers around the same as a 7900gs. :s But, well I'm open to the thought of one if a 7900 or 7950gtx is WAY too much, over 2500 is probably my limit.
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  1. You will not find a 7950GTX for under 2 grand. If you want a 7900GS take a look at the Dell E1705 or the Gateway NX680. NVidia just released the 8700m which is supposed to perform close the the 7950GTX, so I would wait to see which laptops use that. Go to and email Mark, he may be willing to cut you a deal on the Executioner. Don't expect him to go under 2200 though.

    The 8800m isn't slated for release before August or so. And no one really knows if it will use the same MXM format as current gen cards. Also don't expect it to be the monster card that the desktop version was. Yes, it'll be good, but they probably have had to tune it down a bit due to power and heat issues.
  2. thnx, i realize a 7950 is stretching the budget, but you say you can't find a 7950gtx for under 2 grand. - Sager np5790 with 7950gtx for just a bit over 1800.

    preferably i'd like to find a 7900gtx i think. I'm leaning towards the dell just cause its so cheap right now @ 1187$ but i'd like to find a 7900 for just a tad more. ;s

    any ideas anyone?
  3. I stand corrected. I never saw that laptop. Woops. The only comment I have, is that the price they give is deceiving. It starts at 1800, but with only 1 gig of RAM a slower CPU, a slow HDD, a lower res screen and no OS. Add all that and you're over 2 grand. I still think it's a good deal.
  4. hah true, sry "I" stand corrected. i was a little too anxious and jumped the gun.
  5. Well, I'll be honest. If you add all that stuff you're at about 2200 or so. That's really not a bad price considering the hardware you get. If you can afford that, I say go for it. My parents just ordered this one for my graduation: Sager 5760. I should get it in a week or so.
  6. thanks for the powernotebook link. They have some great products.
  7. Sure. If you are interested, and all do the same things as K|N specializes in the high performance sector and does more customizing of his laptops so they will be a tad bit more expensive.
  8. ya im contemplating for K|N's new lineup to come out. If i wait til July. perhaps there will be even more selection out by then.
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