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hello, i am working in some hi-tech company and would like to know - we are searching for the best solution for displaying video - it can be lcd, tft or even thin crt.
what kind of monitor is the best for this and what's the specs we should check out. thanks!
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  1. For high quality color display you can't go wrong with a crt, such as the sony artisan color reference screen. But you will probably be wanting to show your videos on a large screen and the easiest way to do that is w/ a big lcd or plasma screen. I hate advocating apple stuff but the cinema displays they offer might be just what you need. Those things are damned expensive though, just like everything else apple.

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  2. i didn't mention that i am looking for a display for working on video or actually for Interpreting video so the monitor should be around 20 inchs. i am looking for the right monitor for viewing 640X480 video image.
  3. Actually, I think the images from an good LCD are much better looking than CRT's.

    Latency of 16ms and lower, ghosting is not noticable.

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  4. CRTs are better and dont have to worry about native resolution. At my company, the graphic artists use CRTs.
    We dont have room issues.

    Preformance/price wise, CRTs much better. I cant wait for the the thin CRTs to come out.

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  5. What "thin CRTs"?

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  6. Well, I beleive IBM was researching them a few years ago. With LCDs getting so popular the tech may not being done anymore. CRTs that were a few inches thick.

    If I can find the link I will post it, I posted it here awhile ago.

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  7. you mean like an LCD rear projection TV Prehaps.

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  8. Thin CRT's are exactly what you would think they are: CRT's that are thin (about 1/2 as deep as a standard CRT). Basically, its all the benefits of a CRT packed into a slimmer case to compete with LCD. Samsung is gearing up for likely release within a couple of months ( You can Google "thin crt" for more info.
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