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Hi everyone

I just bought a Hitachi 7K250 SATA 80 GB that I want to use as my main system drive. I was wondering if its possible to copy the content of my current system HD (WD 40GB ATA) and somehow swap them. This used to be so easy with swapping 2 ide's. So I was wondering if its possible to somehow tell windows XP to use the new SATA drive as the boot? Disk Managment doesnt see to let me do it. I just want to know if there is a simpler solution to reistalling my system on the new drive.

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  1. i dont know if this is possible. try ghost or something like that.

    why dont u install the system on your new drive.

    anyway how did u use to do it with the IDEs
  2. With IDEs, i used to use Western digitals, and when you initialize it through their diskette there is an option to mirror the contents of another drive. I would do that and then swap the new with the old. Usually worked without issue, though this was before i installed windows xp. XP will probably want you to reinitialize itself or something. But this method only seems to work with drives of the same manufacturer in my experience, the old drive is WD but the new one is a Hitatchi

    ill probably wind up reinstalling anyway. Better to get a fresh start i recon.
  3. >ill probably wind up reinstalling anyway. Better to get a fresh start i recon

    yes u r right. mirroring can bring in some problems. i remember that once i did a backup with Ghost and then copied it to a disk and some softwares didnt work well.

    if u install winXP on the new drive it will be better.

    have fun
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