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Hello i have been transfer from cingular to verizon for about a year now, I remember in cingular i was able to use mini usb to connect to my computer and it will reconize it as a modem, SO I was wondering what do i have to do to get to the point where i can use my mobile phone razr v3c with bluetooth, connect to my laptop and use dialup service to connect to internet for msn chatting and mail checking (ps I need to able to type chinese in msn).
And, here the challenge, I don't want to get any fines from verizon and i don't want to order extra something something from verizon. In fact I am kinda pissed now knowing that i was perfectly fine when i had cingular why did i switch!?

I have googled this topic, and most of the threats are from 2005 and I believe since then they have lock the bluetooth function and put it in the user agreement saying you cannot use this function. So is there any expert who used their motorola razr as dialup, and didn't get any fines? help me please~
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  1. anyone?
  2. Did you ever find an answer to this? I recently switched from AT&T and used to use my Samsung D807 with Bluetooth to connect my MacBook Pro using dial-up. It was fast enough for the occasional email check and I'd love to have that on Verizon...
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