Gaming laptop to last my detachment

Hi fella's.

I'm off OOA again in three weeks time after only just getting back. Goram sodding £$%^'s. Anyhow I'm after a gaming laptop new or second hand preferabley 15.4 Inch size wise. Any weight and battery life for between £700-£1200. I already own a Fujitsu Siemans Amilo Xa1526, but i'm getting slightly cheesed off with it. 1.8Ghz, 2GB RAM and a 256MB nVidia 7600 Go. I can barely play any of my recent uncompleted games. Fed up of just San Andrea's in my free time...

I've had a keen eye on Alienwares recent 15.4" @ 1400 by 7** laptop that has a 8800M GTX. It's at £1300 and i really need that spare £100 to add to my bike getting serviced with a new rear tyre hmph.

I'd like the laptop to be a proper step up from my current if you know what i mean. Seems pointless getting a new laptop and not having a fairly big spread in difference.

P.S I'd like it to be able to run BF2 Maxxed :D. I've looked most places, but can't find that one that catches my eye.
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  1. When you get the new laptop you could sell the old one /right/! Then you will have enough money for the bike. Good luck!
  2. I wish it were that simple. The likely hood of a selling it before next week is slim. I'm getting the bike serviced this weekend so won't have the money for it after that unfortunately :(.

    *EDIT* Sod it that's what an overdrafts for gone for the Alienware m15 with 2.5Ghz 1GB RAM 120GB HDD (it was cheaper get this than pay an extra £90 to get their 4GB 667 RAM when it only costs £52 of most E-tailors, same with the HDD) with a 8800M GTX.
  3. Here what I would do. Buy the Basics from Alienware. Dont worry about Grapics card yet. When you get Money call Alienware and ask if you can buy a upgrade. For the laptop. You buy the part and they will help you install the part.

    This is what I am doing with a Area 51 m17x Everything going to be low end. Over time I will buy the best cpu and dual gpu.
  4. Buy a Sager. A 5793 will run circles around an Alienware for less money.

    Sager 5793 has:
    Better price
    Better screen - 17" 1920x1200 res
    Same Video card
    Same processors available

    Or if you want to step up, buy a 9862:
    Better screen - 17" 1920x1200 res
    Same price as an Alienware with the 15" screen
    SLI capable
    True desktop processors

    And you dont have to deal with s____y Alienware customer service.
  5. Agreed.
    Also thats NP9262 :d
  6. And Im a bad typist, heh. I meant a 9262.
  7. lol no problem :)
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