Will this wireless network, work... ? 802.11n on ....


In few weeks I'l be going to school which offers wireless network...
in an letter that I received were minimal specification of an laptop which I need.

it says I need 802.11 b/g ... my question is: will 802.11 n work on 802.11 b/g ?

I think n is newer than b/g but then again I don't know much about wifi's
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  1. if you have N it will work on A/B/G it's fully backward compatible
  2. N is B/G compatible and requires 2.4Ghz, but not necessarily 802.11A compatible unless it supports the frequency 5.8Ghz and spec. Most N routers in fact do not support A, which is a format I have used for years due to less interference and less snooping.

    However since the OP is asking about B/G, you'll be fine with N which require support for B/G.
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