My windows password doesnt work

Some weeks ago, a pop-up message appeared on my aging father's PC screen, saying that Microsoft apologized, but something must be done and required that he click on some button. He did.
Since then, his login password is inefficient. He can't use this PC anymore.
Any idea of what may have occurred? and how it may be repaired? Thank you.
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  1. Did that happened when he is on the internet?
  2. It's difficult to give advice on this subject as it can be used by thieves but I'll try to give legal advice.

    If it simply STOPS at the login screen and the password doesn't work you basically have these legal options that I'm aware of:
    1) contact Microsoft and see if they can resolve your situation
    2) contact the computer builder and see if they can resolve your situation
    3) reinstall Windows from scratch (you'll lose anything on that drive). If it's a pre-built system you MIGHT be able to get copies of Windows on disc for your system. Also, if it's pre-built there's likely a hidden partition on the main drive that you can access by pressing one of the F-keys on bootup to start a RESTORE. Again, that will replace your current version of Windows.

    You can also try Googling "windows password recovery" which may provide options but I'm not comfortable recommending anything further.
  3. Tom's Hardware doesn't provide help to bypass passwords,because we can't verify you are the owner of the computer.Sorry.
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