Bluetooth internet connection via PC

Hello everybody, :hello:

I have a Computer with an internet connection and i would like to get internet on my ipod touch 4 via Blutooth. I was thinking of a connection like this: PC with internet connection ---> Bluetooth dongle ---> Ipod with bluetooth

Any help would be most welcome,

Thank you

(My Routers WiFi option is broken so please don't start saying "Why don't you use WLAN/WiFi?".)
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  1. Why not try to fix the wifi option? How about creating an Ad Hoc?
  2. I also have the problem that my wife hates it (WiFi) and thinks that she gets all nervouse when it's on.
  3. ??

    Turn the wifi on and run it with SSID off and connect the ipod with wifi. Later, show her that you are using wifi all along to debunk her nervousness is caused by wifi.
  4. You can synchronize internet with your laptop through bluetooth
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Bluetooth Internet Connection