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I was looking to buy this laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520) for college work and gaming. As it is a fairly new laptop reviews and benchmarks are hard to come by/find. I was wondering if anyone out in the community has bought it and what their thoughts on it were. I was planning on getting it with 2 gb ddr2 667 mhz ram, 160 sata hdd, intel core 2 duo @ 2.2 ghz and the Geforce go 8600m gt. Any input would be extremely helpful as I would also be using this laptop for gaming in CSS, Company of Heroes, DOD:S, F.E.A.R. , etc.
Or any links to reviews/ benchmarks would also be helpful as I have really been unable to find any decent.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Hello.

    Your question here might be a little too late for me to reply to, but I will try it anyway. I actually am the proud owner of the Dell Inspiron 1520 with a t7100 1.86 ghz core 2 duo processor. It also sports a 200 gb 7200 rpm hard drive (installed myself) and the full 4 gb ddr2 667 mhz RAM. And I also got it with NVIDIA's 8600M 256 MB DDR2 dedicated graphics card. And I am telling you that this laptop is a real powerhouse. The 1520 is built to the highest quality, and it is sturdy; definately not a cheap build. It is a little heavier than most laptops of its size, but to me, that just means that it is built solid, with solid components. Its weight id not a problem at all with me. I highly recommend that you get a Dell Inspron 1520, if you haven't already gotten one. Thanks for reading!!
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