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This is my first time buying a laptop and im thinking about getting the Sager NP2096

I know this might be a stupid question but I just need to make sure, does the laptop include a power adapter, or do I have to pay them $50 for the ACA-2096.
And I was also wondering if it is better to have 2 X 1024MB or 1 X 2048MB for the memory? Does it dual channel with 2 sticks or maybe slightly more energy efficient with 1 stick?

thanks in advance
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  1. First of all dont buy from SAGER,buy from ,they are SAGER resellers and their prices are cheaper than them.
    And it will include a power adapter dont worry about it:)
    Also about 2x1GB vs 1x2GB,both are good and i dont think there is a difference between those.
  2. I bought my NP5793 from sager and didn't regret it. I didn't find any other manufacturer offering the notebook at a better price, so i suggest you shop around. Several resellers exist for Clevo notebooks, Sager being one of them.

    If there is no price difference between 2x1GB and 1x2GB, then i'd say go with 1x2GB, for easier upgrading later.
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