Which OS to use? Making new computer

I'm going to be putting together a new computer soon, and was wonder what would be the best overall OS to run on it. I hear a lot of people say that ME is shitty as hell, and Win2k seems to have compatability issues with some software/hardware and runs certain 3d games slower. So would 98SE be the choice to make? Here is a rough draft of the system i'm going to put together:

AMD Thunderbird 950mhz, Asus A7V
256MBs PC-133 SDRAM
Asus Geforce2 GTX 32mb
IBM 30gb HD, 7200rpm
Plextor CDR-W 8432

It will mainly be for gaming, and I can put up with some crashes every now and then, I just want everything to be compatible (including games).
Thanks for your input.
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  1. We'll I don't have much experiance with ME. I just installed it on a system I built for a family member and it went even smother than usual. It detected all the hardware exept the 3dfx video card and didn't take any time. Some of this same hardware I have used in 98se systems and it did not detect(sound card, nic).
    I can't help you out about the gaming perspective about ME though.
    Good luck

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  2. Doesn't Windows ME run a little slower though? If so there is no way I would really want to use it unless it had something really good going for it.
  3. I tried WinMe on my machine and it did seem a little slower, so I went back to Win98SE.
  4. Ok, so I'll probably go with win 98SE. Does anyone know if you can use the Win 98SE update disk with a system restore disk? You know how it asks you to put in the 95 disk for proof that you own it, well can I put in a system restore disk that has 95 on it? If not I'll be hella pissed at Acer!
  5. Don't know, just give it a try. As for Win98SE vs ME, ME boots up faster, while SE would be faster in the Windows environment a lot of the time.

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  6. I have got Windows Me and been using it for sometime I think it is far better than 98, Alot more stable.
    Windows 2000 Very nice OS as long you get the latest update for OS and everything else you have. Plus it is reported that it runs Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 etc alot quicker.
    An extra 5 - 8 Frames Per Second. So if I were you I would go for ME, Or wait later this year when Whistler Microsofts new OS should be on sale.
  7. ME runs slower because it continually takes registry and config snapshots to make it easy to restore P.C. in the event of a crash. It should also offer better support for DirectX8 and the new Explorer format. It could end up being a good trade-off. I know people on both sides so I am looking at it too as a near future upgrade.
  8. Win Me has a error correction facility whereby if you dont know what you are doing and uninstall something Win needs, (or thinks it needs) it reinstalls this for you, to do this it makes copies of all the cab files, which probably causes it to run slower, I dont know of you can turn this off or not, but we would probably see a speed increase if you could
  9. i also like winMe eventhough it is a bit slower.
    Better hardware support and all the updates you have to do for Win98SE are already in Me.
    So it takes less time to install.
  10. I find that system restore can come in handy at times too.

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  11. With some help from some people in here, I just disabled my system restore. No noticeable difference yet.

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  12. Before anyone goes out and Buys Win ME u should read my post at “god WinME sucks”.
    Or u can go to emulators.com / secrets and it’s somewhere in the middle of the page.
    I can’t see an advantage form 98 and the fact that WinME is constantly backing up would really annoy me.
    Unless small children where using my computer, why would I need this?
    Thx & Cya
  13. I've had WinME for quite some time now and I've been running it with system restore disabled for about 2 months. One thing you should notice is that your harddrive won't thrash around because its not making duplicate files. At least thats what I've noticed on my machine.
  14. i say get os/2 or linux. stability should be no problemo.
    or i hear there are a large group of cult-like users of windows 3.1 try that. if not make 5 primary partitions and run 5 different os at the same time!!!! win98, winME, win2k, linux, os/2

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