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MN-700 Loses WAN connection NON-PPPoE

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June 20, 2004 2:38:25 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

Client has a brand new MN-700. It works just fine on the
LAN side (both wired and wireless). However, every few
days ('bout the length of time it would wait before trying
to renew its WAN DHCP lease) it loses connection to the

I have client use the Mgmt Utility (
which always works to re-configure the router to use
Dynamic IP assignment from the ISP (it is always
configured that way, but he HAS to re-apply it) then reset
the router from web page. This causes the router to
cleanly pick up a new IP address and all works just fine.

The addresses that the main entry screen shows just prior
to the above procedure are unique (grin) they've included:
61869.161.175.137 and 62859.181.173.139 !!!

I'm stumped -- it does seem to match a poorly executed
renewal of the DHCP from the ISP (adelphi internet in FL
btw) but the addresses make NO sense at all. Is this a
DOA router? or some strange setting that needs to be
tweaked? Don't know the version yet -- but thought the
latest only fixed the PPPoE issue...


-ed cetron

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