Bluetooth pairing but not working. Yes it's charged...

hope you can help me! I have 2 bluetooth, bought second cos I lost first then found it. Both were in phone pair list.
Nokia & Jabra
Had only Nokia paired, I'd pair it & showed as paired, it even said "connected" in my ear (it does that!) but then I'd make a call & the call wouldn't go thru blue tooth, only through the actual phone. Couldn't sort it so I dug out the Jabra, charged it & then paired it. Showed as paired, the minute I make a call it unpairs & goes through the handset.

I've tried unpairing & deleted both from the handset, re-paired one only, re-paired both, have now misplaced the Nokia so only the Jabra is paired, still cannot get calls to go through the earpiece!!!!

Any suggestions would be enormously appreciated!
Phone is Nokia E71
Jabra is BT 2035
Nokia is BH 112

thank you!

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  1. semi-sorted! Still no idea why it was doing this, but I realised I'd not tried the old "windows" solution - "turn everything off & turn on again".

    Took two goes of this, seems to now be working.

    thanks anyway.
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