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I can't seem to send text messages from my new A008- I am receiving them, but I can't send any out. Is there anyone out there who can help???
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  1. I've had the same problem with my phone for the last 2 months, still have not been able to figure it out. I'm thinking about getting rid of it.
  2. I had this problem all last night as well as with mms messaging. I did a bit of reserching and this fixed both sms and mms messaging for my a008. Hopefully, it'll do the same for you... =]

    Ok, these are the setting that I have with T-Mobile. It should work, as it does with my A008

    Note: This is for using with the T-MobileWeb (the slow and cheap one) service with T-Mobile. If you are using the Full Internet service, forget about it. The A008 does not have enough memory to do real HTML internet.

    -Goto "Services"
    -and then "Data Account" on the phone.
    -Select GPRS
    -If you don't see the T-Mobile GPRS configuration in the list, create one your self
    -To create one, select ANY existing configuration and edit it.
    -For example, since the phone is likely from Hong Kong, you probably will see a config called "FET GPRS". Select that and edit
    -After selecting a configuration and pressed "edit", you should be able to modify the account name, the APN, username, password, and the Auth. type

    -Change the account name to "T-Mobile"
    -Change the APN to wap.voicestream.com
    -leave username and password empty
    -change Auth.type to normal
    -when asked, click "save"

    Now we are done with the "Data Account" portion of the setting.
    Next we have to modify the "WAP" portion.

    -Select "WAP, under "Services"
    -seclect "settings"
    -select "Edit Profile"
    -select whatever sim that your are using. Sim 1 or Sim 2
    -Like before with the Data Account, either find or create your own profile by selecting ANY existing profile
    -select "Edit Profile"

    -Change the name to whatever you want. "T-Mobile" if you are not creative
    -Change the Homepage to http://wap.myvoicestream.com
    -Change the data account to GPRS --> "T-Mobile"
    -Change the Connection Type to "WAP"
    -The IP address is
    -Leave the username and the password blank
    -press "back" and "Activate Profile"

    Wow, that was longer than what I wanted....

    Hope this will work for you


    For MMS settings

    *MUST config the above internet settings before for this to work*

    -Goto "messages"
    -Select "MMS"
    -Select "MMS setting"
    -Select "Server profile"
    -Choose whatever SIM card you are using
    -Select ANY existing profile and "Edit Profile"
    -Rename the profile to "T-Mobile MMS"
    -Change the Homepage to
    -Change the data account to GPRS ---> "T-Mobile"
    -Change connection type to "WAP"
    -Leave username and password blank
  3. what if you have At&t?
  4. I just follow the steps and it work perfect!
    prizrizzo Many thanks!
  5. i can get everything set up for MMS but wheni go to edit the data account ie fet gprs etc i cant bc i dont have the 'edit' option, only 'ok' and 'back' help??? plz!
  6. i still cant receive pix messages on this phone..can anyone help..please..
  7. Slick_16 said:
    what if you have At&t?

    did u ever get it to work? cuz i also have att?
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