okay i have a dell inspiron b120 notebook and it was used mostly by my sister. there was a lot of spyware, adware on there so i decided to use the re installation cd to reinstall xp and just wipe the harddrive. so i went through with that. deleted the partition and made a new one. but when xp was done installing i logged on and i couldn't even get internet access through my LAN. which means i can't reinstall the drivers and crap. i don't know what the hell is going on, someone help!
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  1. You should be able to download the drivers from the Dell website and install them off a floppy. If it doesn't have a floppy, copy them to a CD. Never tried it but you might be able to use a USB Flash drive given the USB drivers should have installed with Windows.
  2. USB works, wasnt able to find them on the dell website- going to look again

    thanks for the info
  3. I've got a b120 as well and you do have to wipe the harddrive of bloatware if you want any usable space. You're just supposed to download all available drivers first and copy them to usb or CD first!!!

    Here's the location @ Dell:

    download each of the newest ones from each category onto your USB and you can execute them from there. BTW, dell wireless utility SUCKS. You're better of just using the wireless configuration built into xp.
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