Portable HD to transfer photos?

Is there a portable hard drive that I can carry to travel and I can transfer CF card's photo to this hard drive? I don't have a lap top and my CF card is not large enough to last for a week or two. Any suggestion? Thanks.
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  1. Ive seen a couple of hard drives for this purpose. Im not too sure how well they work.
    The flashtrax (http://www.smartdisk.com/) runs from $400 to $600 for 20gig, 40gig, 80gig drives. It has a lcd screen so you can see your pictures.
    There is also the imagetank g2 (http://www.grand-level.com.tw/english.html) an 80 gig hard drive that runs about $380 at newegg.
    Both support CF cards. But i dont believe they are worth it for that much money. You will probably be better off buying many cf cards... or even one of the newer 1gb cf cards if your camera supports it. Shoot you can probably get a cheap laptop for that money.
  2. i once saw a program on techtv in which a hard drive such as u ask for was shown. i dont remember the drive but i do remember it was pretty expensive. o12kpnamja is right get some more cf cards. consider the bulk of the hard drive as compared to 3, 4 or ever 5 cards.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. These kind of drive do seen over price. But use it as a backup drive too, (one tool two use), still ok to buy, just look for a 20gb cheapest one, without photo LCD display, MP3 player, or extra funtion, and under $200. I do will buy one. Because 1gb of CF card is over $200 already. Thanks.
  4. >without photo LCD display

    yes thats what u should do. the LCDs raise the price of the device. so try to get the one which doesnt have one or if it does it shouldnt show pictures, just text. but doing so u will lose the functionality of looking at your pictures. so here there is a tradeoff b/w price and functionality. u have to choose what u want.
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