I have 99% usage on 1 cpu what can I do about it
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  1. This often happened due to viruses a short way for solving it, re-installing OS.
  2. Not much info in your post. Is it at 99% when idling? Also, if you open the task manager you can pull up a process list to see what is causing this.
  3. I guess that will be on idle so i don't think there will be any heavy load running under task manager to cause that, as i said this is often due to viruses re-installing windows will solve this issue.
  4. This is pretty vague. Did you check to see if you had any CPU program hogs running? Try running msconfig and check the startup tab (you can also do this with CCleaner). Check with On a side note i think i remember reading somewhere that having audio enhancements take up quite a bit of CPU usage.
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