Totally Hilarious: Parliament Wants Windows Vista, not 7

The Houses of Parliament has recently decided to update its computers to Windows Vista, because Windows 7 has yet to be fully tested in a “business critical” environment. But Microsoft says that it is seeing more businesses looking to upgrade to Windows 7 than it has previously seen at similar stages in the update cycle.

Isn't 7 more secure than Vista, since it represents the lessons Microsoft learned from Vista failures?

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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Better choose XP over vista...
  2. *facepalm*
  3. the houses of parliament, not exactly known for their brilliant decision making when it comes to anything remotely 'modern'.
  4. I still don't see anything wrong with vista. I've used it for like... 3 years almost. I never really had problems with it. I'm on windows 7 now. I do like it more, but it's just aesthetics. I did change the task bar back to the old way though. I don't like the new way. But yeah, windows 7 seems almost the same to me, just a little prettier. The only reason I changed to it is because of better ssd support.

    But anyway, I do agree windows 7 is a better os overall. Just saying that I still don't see anything wrong with vista.
  5. XP or vista or win 7... they not going to do with's way to spend the citizens money.. it's Politricks man..
  6. Bunch of Idiots!!!!!, Goverment has spent more money on failed It projects than I care to mention, Absolute morons!!!!
  7. /sigh - didn't we go all through this with the Olympics thread in the news the other week?

    Testing, certifying and securing any business-critical application (and by application I mean role - not just one piece of software) takes time - lots and lots and lots of time. You don't go for 95% proven for your task, you go for what is 100% documented, understood and is totally reliable for your given task. The IT managers in charge of that project will have satisfied themselves that Vista has the stability they need for what they need and that 7 - while the newer and potentially superior product - just doesn't have the milage yet. I've handled implementations for a couple of thousand users on Unix, Windows, VAX VMS (those were the days) and several other platforms I choose to forget. Stability, TCO and predicability is all that matters, not that you are on the latest and greatest.
  8. Bunch of Monkeys! hmmm useless idiots.
  9. On the one hand I don't think the IT guys that run the Parliamentary infrastructure are any different than the ones in any other enterprise. The whole "Parliament" thing is just a red herring - I'm sure the politicians don't have much if any input to the IT decisions.

    On the other hand, infrastructure upgrades are major, major projects and the thought of spending all that money on an upgrade to an outdated OS is just crazy, IMHO.
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