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Hi All,

I am looking for hardware or software based solutions for the following:

As soon as Bluetooth devices that are not whitelisted in advance, actions should be taken. This will assist existing burglar detection systems: as soon as unknown BT devices enter the property, a range of definable actions will be triggered.

This sounds very simple to find, but it is not! All existing solutions provide exactly the opposite functionality: actions are taken as soon as known BT devices are in range (such as open door, shut down PC, etcetera).

Does anybody have a clue how to do this? Or can anybody refer to developers or manufacturers that can help me?


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  1. Anybody? I need definitely an answer, because my plan will make me filthy rich so I can buy 5000 cars and grand apartments all over the world.

    So please offer me a turnkey solution ASAP!

  2. Do you really think every burgler carry a bluetooth device with discovery on when they rob your house?
  3. Yes they do. In earlier days, burglars were sophisticated 'professionals' who prepared their jobs well. Nowadays, they are stupid youngsters with stupid faces that do stupid things in a stupid way. That includes carrying cellular phones with their blue transponders still on.

    Of course it is meant as an extra sensor among many proven others.
  4. What about the legitimate visitors that you forget to tell about your high tech system?
  5. Try Treasure World in Nintendo DS
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