Dell Inspiron 4100 under performance !!


My old laptop DELL inspiron 4100 spec:

Pentium III 1.0GHz - Mobile Tualatin Soc: BGA2
16Mb ATI Radeon

But is only running on 733MHz even i disable the intel speedstep and try to configure it on the BIOS. I checked using CPU-Z. How can i enable the full performance of the CPU to 1.0GHz. Thanks!!
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  1. Check the settings in the BIOS. It may have gotten set to power save mode or your multiplier may have been changed. Otherwise your CPU may be on the fritz.
  2. i checked the BIOS. The power save have been turned off. But i cant configure the multiplier in BIOS. Is it OEM setting to disallow end user to overclock it ??? Anything like that ??
  3. OK that's typical Dell. They lock those settings in the BIOS to prevent customers from F-ing up their comps and then cashing in on the warranty. I suggest that you take this to the CPU section of the forums. You'll get more help there than I can give you (I seem to be the only one replying to posts in this section).
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