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I am looking for a Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook. I have selected the following configuration :-

Processor : T5250 1.5GHz
Graphics : 8600M GT
HardDisk : 160GB

I am in doubt, whether T5250 will be a bottleneck with 8600M GT or not. If this combination is not good then which combination will be best suited?
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  1. I don't think it will too bad, but you would see significant gains from either the T7100 or the T7300 (the 7300 especially with the larger cache 4mb instead of 2). I would definitely upgrade to one of the T7xxx series over the T5s.
  2. If you're gaming I agree with L&W, get the T7100-7500 with the 7300 being the best balance of price/performance IMO.

    If you can swing it 2GB is also handy for Vista gaming.

    And if you're looking for DELL be sure to check out the coupons out there to help reduce the price, makes a big difference, and one of the main reasons to buy a DELL IMO.

    Check here for the latest;

    Scroll down the list to this one;

    Dell Inspiron $300 off $1399 Coupon Code (Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook Computer (Core Duo T5450 1.66GHz/160GB/1.5GB))
    Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook Computer (Core Duo T5450 1.66GHz/160GB/1.5GB) Use code G01JG242730SDT to save $300 off this product (must configure price above $1,199.00 to get discount).Dell has a coupon code for $300 off Inspiron notebooks configured over $1399 plus free upgrade to 2GB memory and 160GB hard drive. Coupon Code Expires 7/26.
  3. TheGreatGrapeApe said:

    If you can swing it 2GB is also handy for Vista gaming.

    That was a good pick up, I didn't notice that he only had 1gb of RAM. Even if you don't play a ton of games I think 2gb is the way to go.
  4. Thank you very much. My doubts are solved. Also thank you for informing me about coupon codes. But don't know whether it will work for India or not.

  5. I also got this laptop yesterday, except in the US. I got a T7500 with a 8600GT. I got 2GB RAM, with a 160GB 7200 RPM HD.
  6. enjoy
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