Image from the Laptop doesn't fit on my TV screen


I am having problems with my laptops display when I plug it into my TV.
The image on my TV does not fit and is to large, so I am missing the extreme ends of the image (top,bottom,left,right).
It doesn't matter what resolution I use the image just doesn't fit.

It seems like I need to shrink the image somehow but my TV doesn't have that feature and I can't find anything on the display settings as well.

I have the Gateway 7811fx notebook but I had the same problem with the previous laptop I owned. I am using the HDMI connection in both cases.

Anyone know the cause of this and the solution?
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  1. It is likely that your TV is overscaning the picture. This is to make sure that there is no blank space on the edges during normal viewing. There may be a way to adjust this in the service menu of the tv. Contact the manufacturer and see if they can tell you how.
  2. Thanks American Audiophile. If I find my TV doesn't have this feature is there a way to reduce the image size from the laptop?
  3. You can always resize the picture that you are clicking form laptop
    Most of the TV's does not have this feature
    So kindly check it before using

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