found phone should i keep

i found a phone and ive had it for about a week and no one has claimed it so im wondering if its all right to take the chip out and use it as my own
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  1. No it's not right, the right thing to do would be to contact the local network provider as they should be able to track down onwership.

    However it's up to you what you do with it.

    I know I'd return it because that's what I'd hope someone would do with mine if I lost it, and I believe in Karma.

    BTW, you should be able to find the phone number by checking the options, most phones have owner details or at least phone # in it.

    Of course it could be a disposable phone from drug dealers, in which case have fun with your new phone but don't be surprised if someone is listening. :lol:
  2. The fact that no one’s attempting to find its location after going missing for a week should be good news for you. Still you should try to locate its owner. If no one still claims it, then you can enjoy it guilt-free.
  3. yeah a little late for that i gave it to my mom because her phone broke she loves it
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