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In IE6.0 some pages auto load without images (just red x) and are not formatted properly. When looking at View Encoding menu, it has Western European (ISO) checked with autoselect. When I switch to Western European (Windows), the page loads properly.

Do you know how to set as default Western European (Windows) for the page encoding? Should I leave Auto-Select checked or unchecked?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. If Western European (Windows) is the second choice in your selection list and this is your first preferrence, then use the UP arrow to position it to the top of the list. Then check this selection only. You may have to d/l the Western European language files from "Windows Update".

    My family members are Asian, and I have to do the same thing for them to default IE to their native language.

    Oh, forgot to tell you that the language selection positioning arrows(Move Up) (Move Down) are under language. Click the "Language" button in "Internet Options".

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