Is This the Windows Mobile iPhone?

Can adding touch features to Windows Mobile mean there's competition for the iPhone?
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  1. How big is it? How much does it weigh?
  2. muk said:

    Can adding touch features to Windows Mobile mean there's competition for the iPhone?

    I don't think its going to be a problem as Apple decided to lock with AT&T there will always be a limit to its Iphone sales.

    Multi touch is nice,(in the desktop space it can kick ***) but how easy is it to use with one hand while holding the phone with the same hand? The seems to be how most and use there people hold there phones anyway. Well unless texting I guess but even then some still just one hand it.

    Maybe to show its size your should slap it next to some other known phones iphone and razr maybe?
  3. dogman-x said:
    How big is it? How much does it weigh?

    It's 10 x 5.8 x 1.4 cm (3.9 x 2.2 0.5") and weighs 110g (4oz) with battery.

    Light and small - on a par with the Blackberry Pearl.
  4. I prefer using a stylus anyway. If you don't want to whip out the stylus, the tip of your fingernail can do the job. I love my Samsung i730. It isn't as pretty as an iPhone, but it is more functional.
  5. Currently have a Cingular 8525 (made by HTC). I like it a lot really, however it in no way compares to the iPhone.

    ((Assuming I remember the iPhone's hardware specs from a previous Tom'sHardware article correctly))

    I think the biggest changes that needs to made to compare or compete with the iPhone is memory. Unified memory, actually. The iPhone uses a whopping 8GB unified memory, which can be allocated to be used as RAM as is needed, or to just be used as storage. Current Windows Mobile phones such as these have very little RAM, and further, one cannot allocate MicroSD card memory to RAM either.

    Obviously, MicroSDs aren't really the fastest and bestest memory to be used as unified memory, but if it does go up to 8GB in 2008, and they changes the architecture to support using MicroSDs as unified memory, then they can have a competitive product. Even further, this would incubate a market for "Performance MicroSD" made ot be used as unified memory.

    Either way, once at least something like this happens, then we can start comparing the iPhone to these. I'm still waiting for someone to hack the iPhone so we can load whatever we want onto it.
  6. muk said:

    Can adding touch features to Windows Mobile mean there's competition for the iPhone?

    Sure, the iPhone is a long way from perfect, but this HTC offering is just as far away if not further.

    I own the UTstarcom which is more powerful and a better implementation IMO, and it just died (ie white screens of death every 20 mins), and as a replacement, nothing is worthy of the money, not even the iPhone. The closest thing to the iPhone killer is the Toshiba G900 which is a much better smartphone, with it's major weakness being mediocre video and photos, but that's also the iPhone's weakness when compared to other models out there.

    The HTC TOUCH solution has a long way to go, but there are other better offerings out there, even from HTC themselves.

    Considering how clumsy these smartphones are at actually making calls, IMO the better smartphone would be something like the new Fujitsu mini-top tablet;

    The iPhone isn't robust enough for true road-warriors (the 3rd party app situation is ridiculous for any existing smartphone owner), and it mediocre abilities as a phone sacrificing in the way most big candy-bar style smartphones do. My Kyocera and the new Pantech 8200 are great fusions of practical phone and useable but LIMITED PDA, however when up against something more robust while even as small but clunky as my old UTStarcom 6700 you might as well go whole hog with a mini PC like the Fujitsu, or OQO, or Sony Vaio U50 or Sony UX UMPC and then add a CDMA eVDO or Edge/3G card. Everything else is a trade-off, and IMO a mid-way point not a good solution.
    There is no 'balance' between the two, until you get useable features scaled down, you want a big screen and 'useable' keyboard, but that means either big and clunky or thin and flimsy feeling. Touchscreen helps but it's still not there and sacrifices screen space.
    Maybe extendable film screens will get us closer to the goal, add voice recognition that's better than ViaVoice and DragonNaturallySpeaking and maybe then it can be done 'right'.
  7. BeAuMaN said:

    Current Windows Mobile phones such as these have very little RAM, and further, one cannot allocate MicroSD card memory to RAM either.

    MicroSD is way to slow, even under the ExtremeIII speeds. 128MB of memory is fine for most smartphones, even when surfing webpages, but I agree more is better, but with prices of memory going down, I'd want fast system RAM, not slow shared flash RAM which will bog down apps, and cripple response times (I already find categorized ringers slow, I'd hate all apps to be that sluggish). Having access to onboard flash (like Apple's) for additional cache is fine, but I wouldn't want to rely on it in any big way, and relying on external cards would be much much worse IMO.
  8. No I don't think so.....Check this out. Damn link doesn't seem to work, sorry. Just do the google search for it and you'll find it.

    Do a google search and you'll come up with a few articles on this. When the Zune phone hits, it will address any shortcomings of the iPhone and expound on it's strength's. IMHO.

    * edited by TGGA to fix your link, should work now; be sure to use the URL tags around long links.
  9. I sucess flash my t-Mobile MDA to Windows Mobile 6 with TouchFlo and HTC home screen.
  10. Just got my touch phone...... biggest piss off? It dont sync with vistas built in calandar,mail or contacts . it looks for outlook!

    Should have researched before buying, o but they give outlook for 60day trail.... so nice wonder how many get hosed into buying outlook that had no intrest in outlook because they have vista
  11. Umm your windows mobile phone should have come with outlook for free on the active sync cd.
    as far as the earlier coments wm5 had a 2gb memcard limit , wm6 has at least a 8gb micro sd card limit
  12. Samsung Omnia is probably the closest iPhone competitor out there, but it still doesn't have some of the Apple glossiness (why Samsung did a white UI I will never know).

    Zune phone sounds interesting though
  13. This thread's about a year old, and right now I'm still rocking the Kyocera as my primary phone and the HTC diamond as my work phone. With the HTC I was worried about the 4GB no external flash limit, but really keeping it mainly apps and the "wait in line media" I'm only using just over 2GB, with my iPod Touch doing the media-player stuff and not killing my neeeded phone battery life. Despite having a capable phone like the Diamond, I like having the phone and iPod separate. I also find that despite the smaller screen, the higher resolution on the HTC Diamond makes it a better web surfer in general. Also prefer not having it aut-correct my spelling like the iPod & iPhone do.

    Gonna swap the Kyocera 7135 with the RIM Blackberry Thunder/Storm when it comes into the office intergrating personal and work phone. Then I'll have 2 nice touchscreen devices, with the Blackberry focusing on the serious stuff and web surfing, and the ipod doing the fun & games stuff it's been doing for the last year.
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