Good news for those who hate Apple

Apple has sold more iPhones than its own projection according UBS Investment Research.
The iPhone will be sold in the UK and Old Europe by december where it will be a (another) success.

What is the good news for Apple haters?.....You get to hate Apple even more for scoring another big hit.
Besides a killer profit on the iPhone itself, Apple also gets a percentage (approx. 10%) of all subscriptions.

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  1. Maybe this will help their lagging stock price after they fell short of their initial projections for sales which led to cuts in production estimates.

    Interesting entity in the phone market, but hasn't had as much of an effect as people anticipated.
  2. I check the apple store web and it says that iPhone costs now 400$ in USA. Is that correct? Can i go to every Apple shop and buy the handset for that price? As I am from EU can I buy a handset which can be used in UE without eny restrictions?

    thanks for answers.
  3. No and No.

    They still require proof of residence, and it will not work in Europe (other than as AT&T roaming) until you unlock it.

    Considering they should be in the UK by the end of the month or early next month, I wouldn't bother, unless you absolutely have to have one now in which case, price shouldn't have been an issue I would think.

    The best way I've heard of getting an iPhone for Europe is to buy them from pawn shops and then unlcok them.
  4. I have heard the same thing about how to get one before the go on sale.
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