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Favourite RPG Poll

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Last response: in PC Gaming
July 1, 2004 7:56:33 AM

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Granted, the list is a tad short, but...
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July 1, 2004 9:35:05 AM

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Wtcher Dragon <> wrote in

> Granted, the list is a tad short, but...

Wow, they have Ultima VII!
I'm hoping that stands for both parts...

July 1, 2004 2:36:11 PM

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Quoth Wtcher Dragon <>:
>Granted, the list is a tad short, but...

Bah, it's not comprehensive at all. Any decent list of even recent
CRPGs should feature PS:T, and if one were to include older games too,
U4-6 and Wasteland should definitely be on the list.

Surprising to see Fallout 2 beating its predecessor, given the latter's
superiority. Not surprised to see Diablo II winning, but as Poly's
said, it shouldn't be on there. Even if one /were/ to consider
graphical Rogue-likes as CRPGs, Nox is quite a bit better than D2.
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July 1, 2004 9:25:50 PM

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Wtcher Dragon wrote:
> Granted, the list is a tad short, but...
Since Gothic is not in it... forget it.
July 2, 2004 4:54:26 AM

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No Gothic, no Planescape, no Wizardry, no Dungeon Master, no Lands of
Lore, no Dark Sun, no... and this is "All Time Favorite RPG" poll ? ;) 

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