Usb not working windows 7

I have a win 7 lenovo. The USB ports do not detect mouse and flash drives. But they work when I use Linux (I use Fedora 16, dual boot). How do get it working?

PS: I tried uninstalling ports in device manager and rebooted the system but the problem continues to exist.

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  1. Do you have the chipset drivers installed?
  2. yes, i just checked
  3. You may need to try removing all the USB components in the device manager and reboot.If this doesn't work you might need to do a clean install of your OS.
  4. removed all USB devices and reboot didn't help. But for a brief second my mouse worked but all USB ports stopped working again (weird). As I said, the ports work like a charm on linux, this is an annoying win7 issue.

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