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Sprint's Mogul - Real Ruler or Wannabe?

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Last response: in General Connectivity
August 31, 2007 11:36:51 AM

Sprint's got a baby. Does it measure up to the claims that have been made? Is it really a grown-up Mogul? Or is it merely another PDA?

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August 31, 2007 6:05:14 PM

The PPC 6700 isn't aged beyond its time. In fact, the 6800 is just a slight update to the 6700 in terms of functionality. Trust me, the PPC 6700 was still the best thing out there before the 6800 finally superceded it after two long years in the biz. In fact, the far majority of your gripes about the PPC 6700 (eg, the slow response times to app launches and buggy screen shifting when sliding the keyboard) have more to do with Sprints absolutely horrendous ROMS than anything to do with the PPC 6700's hardware. If you want to see a PPC 6700 operating correctly, look to Alltel's version, which doesn't suffer from the Sprint bugs.
September 1, 2007 5:11:37 AM

Poor yanks.... Everyone else in the world gets a 3g version... I opted for the o2 labeled 'flash' version as the slide-out keyboard turned me off. WCDMA is nice, loads pages quite quickly. HSDPA would be better, but the battery life is bad enough as it is.
September 2, 2007 7:47:25 AM

And from the "Not Very Good Club" at Toms....

What you have reviewed here is a feature-reduced copy of an iMate Jasjam.

The external differences are extremely slight, but it the same chassis, and all the buttons are the same, it's just missing most of the good stuff: headphone socket, Micro-SD slot (up to 8GB), 3G...

How this could make it into the list of reviewed items at Toms is astounding. The far better Jasjam has been on the market nearly 2 years - I've had mine 18 months.
September 2, 2007 6:01:31 PM

Really, this is (much akin to the JasJam), a HTC Hermes/Tytan clone. It is a "good" phone, as I have the Cingular 8525 (another clone), one which I love myself (yet sometimes wish it had the unified memory of an iPhone). But this is mostly just a minor variant of the Hermes with a few extra buttons on it. Granted, I would have liked a wifi switch myself, -and- MicroSDHC support, but I don't find myself losing sleep over it at night.

It just makes me wonder though what took Sprint so long to actually come out with this clone, as Cingular (and I'm sure many others) have had their own clones for some time.
January 2, 2008 2:11:14 PM

Let me first say that I have firsthand experience with both the 6700 and the Mogul having owned both. And the 6700 was a replacement for a broken Audiovox 6600, so I think it's fair to say I've been using PocketPCs for quite some time now.

In response to Joefriday's comment that the 6700 is not aged beyond its time, I must disagree. On paper, yes, it was the best thing going, but in reality the 6700 is much slower than the Mogul. On paper, it might actually appear that the 6700 should be faster, as its chip is rated at 416MHz vs the Mogul's 400 MHz. However the Mogul uses a dual-core Qualcomm MSM7500 CPU (yes, Qualcomm actually made a CPU) whereas the 6700 uses a single core Intel PXA 270 XScale CPU. Also WM6 is a much more responsive OS than WM5. Go figure, MS got it right for once.

Furthermore the motivation for me to move to the Mogul was because my 6700 was simply falling apart. The last straw was when the tiny joystick on the 6700 failed causing the action button to be permanently depressed, making the phone essentially unusable. The 6700 was indeed a decent phone but time was not kind to it. I am confident that the Mogul is a much more solidly built phone.

To croc, all I can say is you do not understand the terminology. The Mogul is EV-DO rev A capable, which is not only 3.5G for CDMA2000 carriers, but is also faster than HSDPA.

To Mobius, what features does the JasJam have that the Mogul does not? Despite your claims, I can assure you that there is a headphone socket on the Mogul as well as a MicroSD slot, and as I already explained to croc, EV-DO rev A is 3.5G. The Mogul also has 256 MB ROM as opposed to the JasJam's 128 MB, the JasJam uses a single-core 400MHz Samsung SC32442 CPU, and while the Mogul has WM6, the JasJam is stuck with WM5. I do not see how one could consider the JasJam "far better" than the Mogul.

To BeAuMaN, the same comparisons made to the JasJam apply to the 8525 as they are identical.

Looks like you haters need to get your facts straight. ;) 
January 3, 2008 4:38:44 PM

Wow. This is old man. Sorry to hear your 6700 is falling apart, but that has more to do with age than the merits of the phone. There is a WM6 upgrade to be had for the 6700 now, thanks to its large customer fan base, and it's been said that it executes quicker than the 6800 with WM6. It can't attest to the truthfulness in that, b/c I have no need to migrate from WM5 as of yet.

I find it odd that you even have to make a post defending the 6800 over the 6700. The 6700 was 2 years old when the 6800 finally hit the market. You'd think there would be no comparison between the two, but alas, the 6800 comes out as more of a mere upgrade than anything close to revolutionary. In fact, I believe there was at least a feature or two that were removed during the transition to the 6800, such as modem tethering, making it more of a mixed bag than anything else.

Also, the "dual core" cpu you're talking about in the 6800 is really a single core general purpose cpu, with another core dedicated solely to signal processing. Yes, it does help out for the overall speed of the unit, but it's not two general processing cores as you seem to have implied.

But you lack the real focus of my post. It was directed at the author, who wrote about the 6700 as being aged beyond its time, which was completely not true, as there were no competing phones that offered as much functionality as the 6700 until is successor, the 6800, was finally released (which I can see you must also agree, seeing as you compared the 6700 only to the 6800 in order to show me how aged the 6700 has become). Sorry if you felt I was personally attacking you, I think if you re-read my earlier comments, you'll find that you and I actually agree.

PS: I assume that you're a Sprint user, and as such, the 6700 was indeed slower that in should have been due to sprint's ROM. If you ever wanted to experiment with the 6700, there are home-brewed ROMs that run circles around Sprint's stuff. Hell, even Alltel's ROM is quicker, which is why I don't have any gripes about the 6700 freezing on me.

January 4, 2008 11:03:28 AM

I think there is a whole lot of misunderstanding going on here.

When the author said the 6700 was aged beyond its time, he wasn't talking about the 6700 being an inferior model. You are absolutely correct, it did have no competing phones. What the author was saying was that the model had been on the market too long without a suitable replacement. "Aged beyond its time" is exactly what I was experiencing when my 6700 started to fall apart. I needed a replacement phone, but I did not want to replace my broken 6700 with another 6700. The problem was that HTC took much too long to release the 6800, and owners of 6700s looking for a suitable upgrade simply had nowhere to go.

That, I think, is the gist of what the author was saying, and using that interpretation, I agree wholeheartedly with him. And IMO, the 6800 is an upgrade to the 6700. It is much faster than my 6700 was, and there is no joystick to break, which, BTW, is a fairly common occurence. And yes, WM6 does indeed run faster than WM5 on most devices. I was not aware that a WM6 upgrade was available for the 6700, but my primary reason for wanting a replacement was nothing to do with the performance of the old 6700, just that it was falling apart and I needed a new one.

In two years hopefully my 6800 will still be in one piece, but if not, I would hope that HTC does not take as long to come up with a suitable replacement as it did for the 6700.
April 4, 2008 3:33:26 AM

Syndil is most definitely correct in interpreting my commentary regarding the PPC-6700's age. The 6700 was viable in it's time and had no replacement until the Mogul was released. When the Mogul was released, it didn't have GPS functionality or RevA EV-DO access. As of Mid-March, it has both. The connection speed is NOT 3.5G, but 600Kb/s - 1.4 Gb/s. Out of the box, it supported 150-350Kb/s. The Mogul was a much needed device that performs solidly and has more features than the 6700, and the O(ver)T(he)A(ir) download capability is amazing. Can you use an iPhone for a remote desktop service like the Mogul can?
April 7, 2008 6:32:38 PM

I'm glad you took the time to clarify the intended meaning of that sentence.

The 6700 was viable in it's time

More importantly, it appears that the 6700 is still viable, as only the 6800 can top it in terms of features and performance last time I looked (in January). If you never used the 6700, it's probably hard for you to understand just how much the 6800 is more like a mere evolution/upgrade over the old 6700 than anything close to revolutionary, with very little to justify the exorbitant cost to upgrade to the 6800 over your existing 6700. Syndi had no choice as his phone was in pieces, but for those who still have a 6700 in good condition, the lure of the 6800 is only mild.