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I recently set up a KVM switch (a Cables To Go TruLink with 2 ports) to share my keyboard, monitor, and mouse between a Linux system and a Windows 7 Home Premium system. My mouse and monitor work perfectly with it. Unfortunately, when I try to use my keyboard (a Microsoft Sidewinder X4) with the Windows system, no characters appear on my screen. However, I can still switch systems by pressing scroll lock twice. The issue is not with the keyboard as it works when it's connected directly to the Windows system.

Interestingly enough, when I switch to the command line Linux system, the keyboard works when going through the KVM switch.

Does anyone know a solution to this?
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  1. Does the KVM switch have usb cables? Did you try to change the USB slots? If the keyboard came with software i would install that onto the windows system.
  2. The switch has a USB port for a keyboard and one for a mouse.

    When I move the mouse to the other USB port, I can no longer move the cursor.

    I installed the keyboard drivers and software on the computer before I set up the KVM switch. The keyboard was working on Windows 7 before I started using the switch.
  3. It could just be the KVM switch has a bad USB port. Can you RMA it?
  4. MidnightDistort said:
    It could just be the KVM switch has a bad USB port. Can you RMA it?

    The keyboard works perfectly wit the KVM switch on Linux. I've actually looked up this issue and, according to a review, Windows 7, my keyboard, and KVM switches don't work that well together.
  5. Windows 7 system does check the connection status of all devices connected to it under "Device Stage" which was the new features/functions added to Win 7 OS. Most of the KVM switches currently in the market do not support or feed the continuously update of share devices (such as keyboard, mouse or even speakers connected to the KVM switches). That's the reason why
    you only experience problem under Win 7 OS. The Windows 8 OS will have the same issue regarding the keep checking the connected devices status. It may be caused by both new OSs all have built-in support of touch screen display or under tablet mode.

    So, the make sure your future KVM switch 100% support Windows 7's or Windows 8's"Device Stage", you need to looking for if they having advanced technologies, such as "USB DDM" or "Dynamic Device Mapping" for USB devices or "Full-time All DDC-EDID" for the display.

    Hope this developers' insider knowledge-base can help you to under stand the reason(s) why your KVM work or not work.
  6. Same problem + solution:

    My setup:
    EeePC netbook running Ubunto 12.04 LTS, Lenovo Thinkpad R60e running Windows XP, Lindy KVM Switch micro USB & VGA (Lindy No. 32818) . So far, everything running fine.

    After installing Windows 7 professional on the Thinkpad, mouse and keyboard went dead when switched to the Windows system;
    still running fine with the Ubuntu netbook.
    Solution: I put a Mini USB 2.0 4 port hub distributed by Conrad between thinkpad and KVM switch. Now everything runs fine again.

    There is a lengthy discussion of the problem (without solution - except "by a new KVM") on a Microsoft forum, but I cannot post
    my solution there as I have got no Microsoft account and am not willing to get one. So if someone wants to copy my contribution
    to that forum, feel free to do so.
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