Installing XP on Preinstalled Vista on Toshiba notebook

First, I have the Toshiba Satellite A205-S5814
I'm trying to install XP Pro over Vista for a friend.
I've completely wiped the HD and it is not recognizing any HD. Only in the BIOS.
This is NOT the factory HD. He had installed the Seagate Mometus 259GB 5400rpm ST9250827AS HD.

So I assume I have to find the drivers and slipstream them into a XP Pro CD? I've never slipstreamed before...
In my BIOS, there is nothing giving me choices about HDD mode or emulating an IDE or anything of that sort. My laptop just seems totally generic.

And on the Seagate website for my HD, I can't seem to find the drivers needed???

I've also put the notebook HD in my XP desktop as a master and formatted it there and installed XP Pro with S3 and then put it back in the notebook and it STILL doesn't see the HD. (It does see it in BIOS). So what do I need to add to it to make this work? I rather not slipstream as I've never done that.
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  1. You're going to need SATA drivers for XP, it's not native to it. That's the "Press F6 to install 3rd party SATA or RAID drivers" part when XP setup first appears. For this, you'll need a floppy disk and a floppy drive. They make USB floppy drives that work real well.

    That, or you could slipstream it, which is beyond me, I find the floppy 10x easier.
  2. Slipstreaming is actually rather easy, check out Nlite;
  3. Is there any way I can add the drivers needed to see the HD by hooking it up to my Desktop as a master?
    I have the Toshiba HD running beautifully with SP3 and everything now on the desktop.

    I don't want to do slipstream if I don't have to as I tried 3 times and kept getting errors at the end.
    It doesn't seem as easy as they say.
  4. No, you can't add the drivers onto the HDD directly. I would just get a cheap USB floppy from ebay.
  5. Can you not put the drivers on a pen drive or on a cd and aquire them off the drive or the usb stick?
  6. For Vista, I think you can..but XP? Never heard of it being done, never tried it.
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