Best configuration for a video editing system?

I'm helping my dad put together a new computer that he is going to use primarily for video editing. This is what he's got:
Intel Pentium 4 - 2.6Ghz - 800Mhz FSB
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe motherboard
2 x SATA Samsung SP1213C - 120GB
2 x ATA Samsung SP0802N - 80GB
2 x ATA Western Digital with 8MB cache - 120GB
My suggestion for maximum performance and security is this configuration:
Using one 80BG HD for Windows XP and programs (C and D drive)
Using the two SATA in a RAID 0 configuration for maximum performance. This drive will be used for saving the actual videos.
Using the two WD disk in a RAID 1 configuration for mirroring the the two SATA. As a backup in case one of the SATA disk crash.
My question is, will it be better (i.e faster) to use the two WD disk for saving videos and then having the two SATA running as backup? He's been told that you should never have Windows and the actual video editing program running on the same drive as the one where you are saving the video.
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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  1. you are a smart fella, you know what to do better than I do, go for it, make it happen, make yer dad's life happy

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  2. Well, thanks....I haven't worked much with RAID configurations which is why I'm not sure this is the best solution....something tells me that those WD disk with 8MB cache might be faster than those SATA disks?
  3. Yes, the WDs are the fastest drives you have, but unfortunately, they go on the same channel in order to RAID them. I would put them in RAID 0 and keep the SATA drives in RAID0, doing a daily backup to the WDs. If your father had the P4C800-E Deluxe, he could put all four 120GB drives into RAID 10 and get a fast, yet secure HDD config.

    Since he doesn't, you cannot 'mirror' your RAID 0 config. Additionally, the main RAID 0 config will be 240GB (I doubt that all the space will be used, but still), while the RAID 1 config will only be 120GB; anything over the 120GB mark will not be protected. Everything within the 120GB mark will have three copies...a bit unnecessary. Here's what I would recommend:

    1x 80GB drive as C and D (for Windows and non-video editting programs)
    2x Samsung SATA 120GB in RAID0 as video editting drive (drive E, 240GB)
    2x WD 120GB for nightly backup and video editting programs in RAID0 (drives F and G [or just F], 240GB) not sure if your motherboard can handle dual RAID0--I think it can. I only RAID0 these drives for simplicity, backing up to one 240GB drive is easier than to two 120GB, IMO. Unfortunately, some security is lost with RAIDing these drives (but you still have two copies of the data), the call is up to you.

    Damn Rambus.
  4. He already has the drives, or is about to buy them?

    If he hasn't bought anything yet, then get some 200 or 250 GB drives and just mirror them.

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