HP Compaq NX 7300 OR Dell Inspiron 6400?


I really need some sincere advise. I have shortlisted the following 2

laptops. Details are as follows:

Option 1
HP Compaq NX 7300
CPU: Core Duo 2 T5500
CPU Speed: 1.66 GHz.
FSB: 677 Mhz
L2 Cache: 2 MB
SATA Harddisk: 80 GB
O/S: XP Pro.
Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA ( Not sure if it is 950 945GM Express)
Price: USD $ 1,032/-

Option 2
Dell Inspiron 6400
CPU: Core Duo 2 (T7200)
CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz.
FSB: 677 Mhz
L2 Cache: 4 MB
SATA Harddisk: 120 GB
O/S: XP Pro.
Graphics: Dedicated 128 MB Card
Price: USD $ 1,210/-

Though I am slightly tempted towards the Dell Laptop but for probably for a year, Option 1 can serve my needs. I do not play games but use graphics programs once in a while.

Given this:
1) How much importance/weightage does the dedicated card in DELL carries?

2) What is the advantage/benefit of having a 4MB L2 Cache versus 2MB L2 Cache

3) Though there is USD $ 178 price difference, but I can afford it with a pinch of salt

4) Keeping the above in mind can you please help me decide which one should I buy

I have never used a DELL machine before. Also someone told me that the Inspiron series is not good and I should only consider DELL if I go for the Latitude series??? :

I'll also appreciate if owners of the above mentioned laptops can share their views, experience, recommendations.

Many many advance thanks.
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  1. 1) If you want to do anything graphic wise, you are going to want a dedicated video card and a strong CPU. So in your case the card pulls a lot of weight.

    2) With programs like Photoshop and 3dSmax, the performance difference between 4mb and 2mb isn't very noticeable. (info taken from and X-bit review of the new Pentium Dual Cores).

    3) Not sure I understand what you are asking.

    4) Of the two, the Dell is better. Both are older models I think and you may be wiser looking at some of the newer models that have come out.

    People don't like the Inspirons because they tend to come with a lot of bloatware. The Latitudes are business class laptops and are mostly bloatware free. The Latitudes tended to have better build quality than the Inspirons of old. Typically, Dell laptops are better than their desktops so Dell is a good choice here.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

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