HP NX7400 VS Dell Inspiron 1501 = need advice pls

Hi ,

I am going to but a laptop - my first one , and I found these two ,
I need the laptop, for everyday use , office, internet , programming ( java etc.. ), and photo editing - NO games !

HP Compaq nx7400 (core 2 duo , ( 2ghz ))
good - it is with special offer selling price ( bargain ).
bad - intel graphic card - 1 year warrenty

Dell Inspirion 1501 (AMD turion 64 x2 (1.6gHz))
good - 3 y warrenty - ati graphic card
bad - Amd (maybe it gets hot in summer ) - more expensive than hp, around $250 - less cpu speed and cache os amd

What are your advises about HP and Dell products ??
What about AMD on laptop ??

thanks for your time
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  1. If you are avoiding the Dell systems that have the Intel processor because they are too expensive, don't think that. Go to google and type in "Dell Coupons". YOu will find discounts that range anywhere from 10 to like 30% off certain systems and you will find one for the system you want.

    The HP is slightly better because of the Intel CPU, but it loses some points with the integrated graphics. AMD is currently behind Intel in the mobile market.

    Take a look at the new Inspirons and google for the coupons, you are bound to find something that fits all of your needs. Also, have you looked at the HP DV6000 and 6500 series?
  2. other thing about dell.. check out:

    It's dell's outlet store. Scratch and dent/refurbished stuff at a much lower price, but same warranties. The scratches are almost always so minor that they are laughable.
  3. Where the heck are the cheap prices 9in the outlet? XBS no deals.
  4. HardWareBoss said:
    Where the heck are the cheap prices 9in the outlet? XBS no deals.

    Slow down there Boss, you're not making much sense. You're saying there are no XPS deals in the outlet store? I'm not surprised since this is the time that all new college students get computers. I'm surprised that there is anything left at all. If I'm not making sense about you not making sense, let me know! :D
  5. Thanks for your help, the problem is that I leave in europe and the HP pavilion , dont come in our market and the dell coupons are for US , the problem , is that If I have problems , I will have to ship it to US again ! So over all , AMD on laptops , I don't look at them , and Hp , is the graphic, but that's not a big problem as I will not play games, the most I will do , is photo editing. And to go for the Dell core 2 duo , is expensive as it cost as an hp laptop and a half .
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