Laptop Gaming help

i need opinions on a good laptop to get for gaming
so when i go to my friends house i have something to play

im not looking for a high tech laptop , just one that can handle these games and look good and is under 14 ': wow, halo combat evolved pc, and counter strike condition zero.

im willing to spend up to around $900, $1000 max,unless i cud get a laptop cheaper that can run these games good

i like that hp mini 1000. its small and ive seen alot of people on youtube running these games on it and that asus eee.

i wud upgrade the ram so the specs would be

# Genuine Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3
# • Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor N270 (1.60GHz)
# • 10.2" diagonal WSVGA HP LED Brightview Infinity Display (1024 x 600)
# • 2GB PC2 - 6400 DDR2 (1 Dimm)
# • Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 950
# • 60GB 4200RPM PATA Hard Drive

and id buy an external hardrive for it

im also intrested in the sony vaio sr or the cs

which go around $900

im new to this whole computer gaming thing
im an xbox guy.
but if any1 can help me out that wud awsome
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  1. intel GMA equals NO GAMING.

    You need at least an ATi or nVidia #600 or higher level solution for gaming.

    A GMA 950 is about as powerful as a 5 year old FXGO5200 which was mediocre for gaming when it was released (I know I had one).

    Seriously ATi X1600/HD2600/3600/etc or nVidia GF7600/8600M/9600M at least for a 'gaming' PC. You can get away with #400 recent models, but all your setting will be lower for a game like Halo. CS and WOW are easier.
  2. o ok ty for your help

    can u give me a suggestion on a good laptop that can run these games good.

    like i said srry im new to all this
  3. Need details on your location and where you can buy from.
  4. Well, in summary Gaming laptops performance is function of two factors: CPU and GPU- the processing units.
    At the moment NVIDIA 9600M is pretty cool card, and Intel T6400 CPU or above should be fine.

    With these combination it should be able to play 90% of the games on the Market. (27th-March-09)

    New Graphic cards with even better quality/ low power consumption will land on shops very soon by August 2009, hope that will cause reduction in prices for gaming Laptops to some affordable level.

    There are some good quality Gaming laptops on the market from Dell, and Acer etc and prices are dropping as of writing this response on 27th March 09. I would say laptop with NVIDIA 9600M Graphic card, and price tag of $800 or bellow will an excellent deal .
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