HP DV 6358 special edition vs others?

Im thinking about getting a new hp dv6358 special edition laptop which includes the following:
Core 2 duo t5300 with 64 bit processing running at 1.73 GHz with a bus speed of 533 MHz and 2mb cache,
2 GB of DDR2 2 dimm ram(dont know what the speed is,hopefully it is 667 MHz, correct me if im wrong)
160 Gb hard drive at 5,400 RPM
Intel media accelerator 950 graphics card w/ 128 mb of shared memory.
windows vista home premium
lightscribe direct disc labeling
integrated wireless
1.3 megapixel web cam
discounted price to $999. originally 1300

uses: student uses with occasional gaming.
I am looking for a fast laptop that has great up to date technology and can handle everything i throw at it.

My questions are
1. how does this pc stack up against other laptops?
2. will this pc be fast enough for gaming such as counter strike or other intensive games.
3. fair price?
4.overall good layout for a fast pc?
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  1. Since the FSB is 533, the RAM will be 533 or slower.

    1. It's not bad but you could do better.
    2. Doubtful. The CPU isn't great and the Intel GMA isn't worth SH**. You may be able to play WOW, but that's about it.
    3.It's an ok price, but again I think you can do better.
    4. You have the right idea with the Core2 cpu and 2 gigs of RAM. Stay away from any sort of integrated graphics.

    What is your price limit? We can recommend other options, but need to know how much you are willing to spend. Dell is a good option (google "Dell Coupons" for great deals).
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