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Hey guys i know i already started building a computer but im now thinking of a laptop. Im not getting it right away or anything i just want advice since ucant really build a laptop ull have to just buy one all together. so im asking what is the best laptops out there? not really for gaming but ennuf to play diablo since i still play it.. ill use it mainly for videos and web suring while going ot bed and when im going somewhere so i wont be bored. anyways what are the best companys that make you customize your laptop? as in what processor , how much ram and how much storage.. and no i dont want a mac.
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  1. That all depends on how much you are willing to spend. A gaming laptop is going to run you about 2 grand or more. A media oriented one will be around 1500. And your basic POS laptops will be under a grand.

    Take a look at your run of the mill Dells and HPs and also look at some more aggressive stuff like the Odachi from killernotebooks.com. The more aggressive products will cost more, but that cost is due to better quality, excellent support and the like.
  2. i know laptops cost ALOT but i was woundering when is a good time to get it? for it to last at least 3 years without buying a new one.. like i said i dont plan to do much gaming but i do want to play games on it.. this laptop will be mainly for school work , videos , music , and storage but also some good games and prob next gen games at med settings or min just want to play soem games.. what time do u think its a good time to get laptops ? any good companys that are worth getting and customisng? i looked at voodoo and its about 6000 and at others its 3000 -4000 cad with the same sepcs. so i dont want facy designs just a laptop to handle soem good games and long lasting
  3. anyone else give me advice? what is the best notebook in killernotebooks for gaming? if i get one of them will thye be able to last nextgen games for 1-4 years or 5? i want it to last this long becuase it will be alot of i get it 2 years i ggota spend another 3000+ so its better to spend alot now for it to last 5 years .. so is there any other company that is worth it? i dont want fancy stuff justa laptop to do the work.
  4. The best one from K|N is the Executioner SR IMO. It is the best all around performer that doesn't have a weight toll to it. It should last a while since the graphics card is supposed to be upgradeable to the new 8700's or even the 8800's when they are released for laptops. His next best is the Odachi. It is better at gaming, but he is having problems making it stable and apparently so are other companies.

    If you go with a company like Dell, the summer is usually the best time to buy. They usually have sales for back to school and things like that.
  5. The Acer 5920G is the best laptop out there. Type global.acer.com 5920G into google and you'll see why.

    Core 2 Duo 1.5 Ghz(only downfall)
    2 GB RAM
    nVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 256 MG
    HD-DVD Drive
    160 GB HDD

    Only costs $1099(I say best in that the performance it gives is definitely worth the price!). The HD-DVD alone should have made it $2000. If you have time, wait for the Acer Aspire 9920G. This will be a 20" 1080p resolution laptop, with 8600M GT 512 MB! Core 2 Duo will also be a lot faster, and if I'm correct, it might have 4 GB RAM(just type in global.acer.com 9920 and you'll find it.
  6. what is the like most reliable laptop tho? like ones that wont break easily and can able to survie falls? im not saying il ldrop my laptop but ull never know so i want to make sure i spend over 4000 for a good laptop that wont break easily.. SO if i order from KN will i be able to send my laptop for upgrades insted of buying a new one? like when new and better gfx cards come i can upgrade for like 300-400 isnted of paying anothe 3000? dose KN do this?
  7. like i said i dont want a laptop right away but since all thses new games are coming i was thinking of one.,. but thanks for the acer info looks good insted of paying 3000+ ill look into it
  8. phearr said:
    SO if i order from KN will i be able to send my laptop for upgrades insted of buying a new one? like when new and better gfx cards come i can upgrade for like 300-400 isnted of paying anothe 3000? dose KN do this?

    Usually he tries to find someone to sell your old cards to. If he can, you only pay the difference between the new cards and what the old ones cost. I'm not sure how much he charges if he can't find a buyer (it won't be the price of another lappy). Also that's assuming the new stuff fits, which the 8700 should. Send the guy an e-mail and tell him I recommended him to you from the TG forums, he will be glad to help. He usually responds to e-mails very quickly.
  9. cant seem to find his info and email.. mind telling me where they re located?
  10. Send him an e-mail off the "contact" part of his site under "about us".

    Here's a direct link: http://www.killernotebooks.com/contact_form.htm
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