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Hey gang, my laptop screen just produced at yellow line of pixels from top to bottom the full height of the screen. It appeared then went away after a few minutes then appeared a few minutes later.. over and over for about 20 minutes and now it is permanent.

I hooked up an external monitor to my laptop and the yellow line isn't on it. So I figured it must be the screen on my laptop. But the thing that makes me not to sure is that when I first boot, a normal black screen appears then the dell logo and only after a second or two then the yellow line appears. So the video card actually starts to work a bit before I see the yellow line. I booted to bios and it still shows there also.

So I am thinking it could possible be the video card output to my screen on that actualy digital connect. I removed the screen and re seated all the connections and wiggled some wires and no help there.

Got any suggestions ???
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  1. I have the same problem with a Toshiba satellite p300 The line appears shortly after I start to use various programs. I can get it to go away by changing the screen resolution or closing the lid and opening it again. Sometimes it will sit for ages without the line then it seems to slowly appear. Other times it is there when I start the computer.
    Most forums seem to agree that it is only cured by getting a new LCD. I am not sure about this as my problem still comes and goes at the moment.

    cheers Jon
  2. send to the service ,no other ways ....Toshiba is not such good like sb think
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