How to turn wireless switch on my computer?

my little sister went on my laptop and turned the wifi off, so now i dont know what do to because every time i try to connect back it says no connction
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  1. Look for wifi switch on the sides of the laptop chassis. Also look for wifi shortcut keys on the panel or the keyboard.

    If they are all on, check wifi adapter and make sure it is not disabled in Network Connections and Device Manager.

    Driver could be uninstalled (you never know what damage little kids can do to computer). But that would be pretty drastic.
  2. What notebook? Most have a little WiFi button

    Would look similar to this~

  3. but wheres the switch, im so confused at this point, i just got my latop and im not to good with these things
  4. Model?
  5. windows 7 Enterprise
  6. Pyree said:


    That would be helpful.
  7. Browneyes247 said:
    windows 7 Enterprise

    Not the OS. I know you are using W7 (you are posting in W7 section of the forum). The model of the laptop (e.g. HP DV6, ASUS G55, Lenovo Y580, Clevo P151EM1B, etc).
  8. presario CQ50
  9. Wifi switch is the one next to the power button.
  10. Browneyes247 said:
    presario CQ50


    The button should be right next to the power button.

  11. thank you so much
  12. No problem at all.
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