Can't reinstall Windows 7 Professional

Help, please. I'm in a slow death spiral here.

I've recently had a computer custom built by MicroCenter. I've had recurring dispay driver errors (goes black screen randomly for a few seconds with 295.73 driver error) and even took it back to the builder to have them fix it - no luck. Tech claimed they couldn't replicate the problem, but it happened within an hour after I took it home. I've also had a problem with a failed hard drive which the builder replaced, as well as an unfixable software glitch with Norton 360 and Windows. I ended up nuking Norton and switching to ESET - problem solved.

Last night, I was still getting the driver errors, and my monitor no longer appeared in device manager. I contacted the GPU manufacturer (EVGA) and they instructed me through email to Driver Fusion and OC Scanner. I was able to uninstall and reinstall the GPU drivers, but was unable to run OC Scanner. The driver reinstall resulted in magnified display that I could not resolve.

I contacted Microsoft (fortunately I have a full price version of Windows 7 so I can get free support.) The tech there took remote control of my computer and started to uninstall and reinstall the GPU Drivers. Then, he said he wanted to reinstall Windows. I inserted the original Windows 7 Professional disk into the optical driver and brought up the folder. The tech then started to run service repair from the folder and then tried to uninstall and reinstall Windows.

That's when it got serious. After about 30 minutes, I lost contact with the tech and my monitor screen was frozen with an error message that Windows was unable to install due to a possible missing or corrupted file. I waited about an hour, then left the screen up while going to bed. I didn't know if the tech was doing something in the background that I couldn't see. This morning, it was on the same screen with no apparent evidence of activity. My mouse and keyboard wouldn't respond, so I manually shut it down by pressing the power button. I restarted the computer and tried to begin Windows install from the optical drive. When I got to the page where you designate time, date, and language, the screen froze and I lost the cursor, mouse, and keyboard. I have no way to advance to the next screen. I manually shut down and restarted two more times, with the same results. I now have a very expensive desk ornament instead of a computer.

This is a classic case of pulling a loose thread and seeing your sweater disappear into a pile of yarn. What started as an attempt to fix an annoying but minor problem has now resulted in what looks like catastrophic failure. The fact that it happened while a MicroSoft tech was in control makes me very worried.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do? I'm going to contact MicroSoft again, but since I can't get onto the computer, I don't know what they can do to help.
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  1. You need to contact the ms tech by phone - if you got a reference number then mention that.
  2. You should test the memory with memtest86 by creating a bootable CD and running it for at least three passes to test the memory. Faulty memory maybe the cause of your problems.
  3. When I took the computer back to the store that built it for me, they did a memory test as well as a stress test on the GPU. Neither showed any problem.
  4. I wouldn't trust the store memory test as it was probably only a quick test, do it yourself with memtest86 for a long time (5-6 hours at least).
  5. How recent did you get this pc? Get back to that store & demand they fix it!! Tell them nothing about an ms tech poking about!
  6. ....or get your money back!
  7. I bought the components and paid them to assemble it. That was about two weeks ago. Since then, I've had it back once for diagnostics and to replace a failed hard drive. They had the machine for 5 days the second time. I'm going to call the store this morning to speak to the tech who built it and worked on it last week.
  8. Good! these things do happen, unfortunately, and it's very important to know your rights - that includes getting your money back.

    This does assume you told them what components to use from their own stock/routes i.e. if you gave them your own components they may well try to get you to contact the individual manufacturers - which you don't want to do.
  9. I bought the components and gave them to the store - they then built the computer. Here are the critical components:

    Intel i7 3930k CPU
    ASUS P7X79 Deluxe Motherboard
    G Skill RipJawz 1600 DDR3 (8x4GB) 32GB
    EVGA GeForce GTX 570 2.56 GB GPU
    Corsair Ethusiast 750W Modular PSU
    2 Crucial SSDs - 128GB - 256GB
    2 Seagate HDDs - 3TB
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 PWM Universal CPU Cooler
    LG Blu-Ray Burner
    ATech Flash USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader
    Antec Eleven Hundred Mid Tower Case

    The tech who built the computer has just said to bring it back in - the plan now is to swap out moving parts to isolate what is causing both the inability to install windows and the problem with the display driver. It has to be either the CPU, Motherboard, GPU or RAM. At this point, I don't really care what is causing it - I just want it fixed. This has become the mother of all FUBAR.
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