Laptop n00b getting a laptop.

Fujitsu Lifebook

I am getting that for $100+a small trade($40 value).

1) Is that a fair price?
2) Can it play games beyond Doom?
3) Would a Eee 701 be more powerful?
4) If yes to the above question, anyone wanna trade a Eee 701 for it?
5) It claims 1GB Max on CNET, but back in 2004 a 1GB stick was expensive and 2GB sticks were non existent right, so do you think it would read a full 2GB stick?

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. Well, in summary Gaming laptops performance is function of two factors: CPU speed and Graphic card.
    At the moment NVIDIA 9600M is pretty cool card, and Intel T6400 CPU or above should be fine.

    With these combination it should be able to play 90% of the games on the Market. (27th-March-09)

    New Graphic cards with even better quality/ low power consumption will land on shops very soon by August 2009, hope that will cause reduction in prices for gaming Laptops to some affordable level.

    There are some good quality Gaming laptops on the market from Dell, and Acer etc and prices are dropping as of writing this response on 27th March 09. I would say laptop with NVIDIA 9600M Graphic card, and price tag of $800 or bellow will an excellent deal .
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