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Pogo is letting me know that its time to charge my credit card soon for another year. Well I renewed my pogo with my coke rewards program about 2 months ago for 2012. How can I find out if pogo is aware of this. Thanks
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    Although from what I heard, you're better off just canceling the whole thing than try to get a hold of someone or find a place to get an answer on that site.
  2. I should not have get out and start over I used coke reward points to renew on pogo for2012 I talked to someone at coke rewards and he was no help at all except to tell me what I could get for all my points. He gave me a web site for pogo that I had already been to and I got know closer to finding out if pogo is going to charge me for this year or if coke reward points going to be covering the cost of pogo for 2012. I guess i will find out come april. This would be a whole lot better if I could just call and talk to a human instead of going round and around to dead ends on a cumputer. so much for custumer service.
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