2 new HDD's, need help with cloning/partitioning

Hey there. I'm going to be ordering 2 120GB 7200 RPM Western Digital HDD's to replace my old HDD which will be removed all together. What I want to do is add these two HDD's without having to reinstall Windows XP Home.

I would also like to do some partitioning on both of these drives. How many partitions should I have and how big should they be?

This computer will mainly be used for office stuff/video editing/music recording/and listening to music.

I've been reading lots of back posts on here so I've kinda got an idea but figured I'd ask just to be sure. I'm planning on using Power Quest Drive Image and Partition Magic for software. Is this software going to be able to do what I want?
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  1. Anyone??
  2. AFAIK if you want to do it w/o re-installing XP then you'll have to create a primary partition on one of the new drives that EXACTLY matches the size of your current OS partition.

    I guess you could use drive image and partition magic, but I don't see why you'd need to. I'd use fdisk in dos to create the partitions and Norton Ghost to clone the OS partition (actually I'd re-install XP altogether, but that's just my preference).

    As for size and amount of partitions it's really a matter of personal choice. I like to have my os and apps on one partition (15.9gb) games on another and all my mp3s on a further seperate partition. If you're doing video editing you'll probably want a seperate partition for that too. And then there's all those other things to consider... dual-booting, Linux, Longhorn, FAT32/NTFS etc etc

    There's some good advice on partitioning strategies and FDISK over at radified.com:

    <A HREF="http://fdisk.radified.com/" target="_new">http://fdisk.radified.com/</A>

    Partitioning strategies:
    <A HREF="http://partition.radified.com/" target="_new">http://partition.radified.com/</A>
  3. You don't have to write a drive image back to the same size parition that it came from.

    Only two things are significatly important performance wise. Put your OS in a small partition ~10GB on the first drive. Put your pagefile on the other HD (doesn't need it's own partition if you defrag it with PerfectDisk or O&O Defrag).

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