USB Stick - 161 file maximum?

I bought a 128mb USB memorystick for my mom for Xmas. Now I'm in the process of copying the contents of all her floppy disks to the USB stick. The problem is, in the root directory I can't copy more than 161 documents. I have one folder there, with the contents of floppies organized in subfolders. But regardless of that, I can't copy more than 161 documents in the root dir! Someone please help me. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. are you sure the stick isnt full?

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  2. I'm sure :) It has the contents of 4 floppies on it.
  3. could zip the files. 161 files from just 4 floppies is a lot of small files.

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  4. Well no, because my mom needs to access the files, and so a zip file is out of the question (she knows nothing about computers). Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. If you are usin xp a zip file opens just like any other file :) Though that could run into problems when working with the files, lol. What file system is that thing using? That many small files might be eating up all the space even though they are very small simply due to wasted sector space. I'm not sure exactly how flashdrives handle filesystems but if it is anything like an hd that might be your problem. When you select all the files, right click, and hit properties what does it say for both the size and size on disk?

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  6. I believe most flash drives use the FAT 16 files system.

    If you formatted a 128MB Fat 16 drive using Windows XP, the default cluster size is going to be 2K.

    At 2k it could handle over 60 thousand tiny files.

    Try using SiSoft's Sandra 2005 to see what the actual file system and cluster size are in use.
  7. just a little slow there smithy.

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