Verizon FiOS or Comcast?

Hi guys!!!
I'm moving to a new home and
I'm wondering which would be better and why?
Please share your experiences and/or opinions.
Which has better channel line up, HD etc.
BTW, I don't know if I'm posting in the right place.
If not please move to proper sub forum area.
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  1. WTF? are you talking about 'bundles' or the transmission medium? FiOS is the leetest thing since *nix on toast. PC magazine had a good article comparing them in june/july.
  2. The only thing I'd add is that according to most reviews FIOS tends to be less compressed HD, while Comcast's cable HD often shows visible compression artifacts/issues. Some cable providers are better than others, but that's the feedback I've heard on both of the above.

    As for channel lineup, dunno man, don't have either option.

    BTW, as mod I checked, and I'm not sure where I'd move this to, so it can stay right here for now.
  3. I just got Comcast installed today.

    Thank you Great Ape.
  4. Hope it works out for you, my friend has it and loves it because he gets a ton of free channels on his OTA receiver that have a QAM tuner built-in.
  5. Yes, it works and I'm loving it!
    I don't know about the OTA and QAM but on the Web side, I got a pretty good speed and everything loads in just a matter of seconds.
    I've seen it reach 2.5 MB dl over FTP.
  6. if you can get fios you shouldn't have to ask one or the other... To my knowledge nobody else does fiber to your house. Last I saw, you could get 15mbps fios for around the same price as 7mbps through comcast/timewarner

    Fios is a gift, and if available in your area you should defineately sign up.

    when we got fios at my parents house it was at least 10-15 per month cheaper then comcast and alot better... i'm stuck w\ timewarner where i live now though.
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