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For some reason XP didnt install ACPI support, and im wondering if there is a way to install it without reinstalling XP. I heard of ways in 98 and such, but how do u do it in XP? The reason XP didnt detect ACPI support i dont know, might be a conflict. Here's my specs:
AMD T-bird 1.3 Ghz
128 MB DDR
20 GB Western Digital HD
Xtasy Geforce 3 Ti 200

When I restart it freezes it seems like its gonna restart but just seems to go in standby and i have to hit the reset button again for it to restart. In order for it to shut down without hitting the power button at the end ihave to enable APM , but it doesnt fix the restarting. Do i have to resintall XP?
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  1. change the type of PC in the device manager, from standard to ACPI

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  2. Where/How exactly is this done? I'm in the Device Manager, and under Computer, there is Standard PC. I can go into its properties but it doesnt say anywhere how to change it. In the properties there is IRQ Steering. There is no ACPI driver when i click update.
  3. You can't just change from standard to acpi in device manager. You have to do a repair install. First, check to see if you really do have standard.hal under computer. If so, you then have to place your XP cd while it is loading, press F5 and select ACPI or Uniprocessor from the list. Use the arrow key or mouse to scroll the list. After the screen stabilizes, you have to select enter to install XP. On the next screen, select repair XP. Make sure all your drivers are XP compatible by disabling them one by one if this still doesn't work. Finally, before you do any of this, make sure your CPU supports ACPI. I'm pretty sure that it does but check first. The motherboard definately is ACPI enabled but check BIOS anyway.

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  4. good tip. Is this something new in XP? Because I know I've done it in the device manager under 2K...

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  5. That was the way it was described at Microsoft support. I don't know about 2000 but XP needs to be done the way I posted it.

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