where to get hold of extreme laptop X7800 process and Dual SLI DX10 GF

Hi folks,

I'm having a hard time finding a gaming laptop.

I'm happy to pay top whack and want a laptop with a X7800 mobile processor, dual sli graphics DX10, 2-4gb of ram and 300+GB of storage. 19"+ screen preferred, 17" acceptable.

Any ideas where to go? No one seems to be using the new processor.

Many thanks,

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  1. I don't think it's officially out yet. And I have yet to see SLi DX10. Unfortunately, the larger sized (greater than 17'') SLi notebooks used AMD processors so most likely you will be stuck with a 17'' screen. The Clevo D901C is the closest you will find to what you want. 17'' screen SLi 7950GTXs, up to 4gb of RAM, up to 3 RAID HDD. It uses the desktop version of the Core2 though(up to E6700). Go to killernotebooks.com and send the guy an e-mail asking about the ODACHI (the system I just told you about). He doesn't have an order page up yet but he will take orders for them by request. FYI, the 7950s are supposed to be upgradeable and right now, current DX10 mobile cards can't beat the 7950.
  2. The X7800 is already in the HP HDX 'Dragon' and others, but there aren't any SLi'd DX10 solutions that I've seen yet. Only SLi'd GFGO79xx series solutions.
  3. I also forgot that the K|N Executioner SR has that chip too, but it only has one 7950 or one 8700GT (soon). Doh that was a stupid response by me.
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